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The Wolf You Feed


Heartwood 02:32
Under the wings of injustice, raised from the ground of the waste. Inspired by forgotten prophets, cast off from the court of faith. Another hopeless generation - a generation forced to live as outsiders. Slowly loosing our liberty, but can't tear us from sanity. See our values worth less and less, replace wisdom with foolishness. See what we become. See what the fuck we have become.
The Damage 03:36
All action has an implication, Every decision has responsibility. Your words are sharp as a knife, and you stab me with them day by day. Can you imagine the damage that you make? Every sentence is a scar on my soul, any act can be vicious from you. The lake of words has become a swamp, that swallows life in a blink. The blades make wounds. Can you imagine the damage that you make? You could be a sinner, or you can become the victim - Which side of the knife are you on? Take care with that knife, don't let the lake become a swamp.
I will not forget when nothing mattered, I won't regret nothing what we've done. The walls, the trees, the never-ending days, I promise I'll keep it in my heart. I hope we'll remember, even when everything has changed. I hope we'll remember, those streets will keep our legacy. We were the young and the restless, only us against the world. The fire burned in our hearts - hopefully you still kept a bit of glow. I won't forget the tragedies and sadness, when we are holding torches in the night. We've all gone through the disasters of life, we were always there for each other. Things has changed, but I will never forget all the friendships and love we had. And the fire in our heart will remind us who we are.
My alliance with the moon concluded in the dark, haunted by hate caresses with the wind of change. Have you ever felt yourself like a lonewolf, married with the night? Alone in the wild, son of no one, homebound to nowhere, (who) just needs someone who cares. You become the wolf you feed - it depends which hand gives you the meat. Being a lonewolf, be a nightcrawler. Lurking in the shadows, became one with darkness. The chance is in your hand to break up with the dusk, fill yourself with strenght, and become the leader of the pack!
Apollo 01:23
This is a curse that drowns, and makes me feel I'm empty. All my life I was missing something I never had. Or it is buried deep into my heart? I cold as a stone, I'm an empty shelter. My soul has been taken by demons. They have torned it into pieces. I know it's not my fault, but I've build up all these walls to protect myself from the shadows of my past. I've caused so many trouble, and done so many wrongs - I'm sorry, but this is all I am. Throughout my life I have been trying to change, and strain after keeping my promises. But I'm still the same, and this emptiness keeps pulling me down. I wish I could break out. I hope once these things won't last, and I get rid of all the shadows of my past. The scars of hatred will be healed by love.
Like a wounded animal, who's looking for a hide, I was seeking the ways out time after time. My path was surrounded by snakes, these trees won't let much light in to see, my blood left marks on my way - but I won't stop, I never give in. One day I'll reach the valley of my hopes and dreams, and leave behind the forest of my recurring nightmares. Then I can burn down this place - let me loose from these chains! When the Sun gets govered by dark clouds, and hopelessness starts spinning around, please don't let ever lose the faith in yourself, be a dreamer and keep walking ahead! I have found the place I always wanted to get, but this is not where my journey ends. LONG DAYS AND SLEEPLESS NIGHTS THE VALLEY LOOKS SO FAR AWAY LOSING BLOOD MAKES ME WEAKER I'M TIED BY REALITY. I'm a wounded animal, who's tied by reality. I'm a dreamer with heavy eyes, who's tied by reality.


The Wolf You Feed is the first album of Satelles, recorded in Nagymaros in the December of 2015 for a week at a studio called Zengőkert with Gábor Bánházi (known as the drummer of Óperentzia, and the sound engineer of Apey & The Pea). The design has been made by Balázs Bokis and Dávid Bali.


released February 29, 2016

Balázs Bokis - vocals, lyrics, graphics
Ádám Tóth - guitars, backing vocals
Zoltán Tarján - guitars
Dávid Bali - bass, photos
Kristóf Hornyák - drums


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SATELLES Budapest, Hungary

Getting rid of frustrations as a pack since 2013. Melodic hardcore/punk from Budapest.

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